Doctorates at the PSS

These published doctorates have got official titles in German. The English versions on this page are translated freely and the official titles can be found on the German web page of PSS.


  • Tobias Jankowski
    Development of an approach for the determination of droplet entrainment from gas-flowed liquid templates


  • Christoph Bratfisch
    Further development of the ATHLET model basis for dynamic pressure changes in transient flows
  • Vera Koppers
    Development of heuristic methods for plant modelling of research reactors for deterministic safety analyses


Doctorates before 2018



  • Florian Gremme
    Analysis of the influence of plant-internal emergency measures on core coolability in case of design-basic accidents in pressurised water reactors


  • Kathrin Agethen
    Expansion of the System Codes ASTEC and COCOSYS for the Analysis of the Release of Fission Products during Molten-Core-Concrete-Interaction
  • Wilhelm Wall
    Heat Savings through the Use of Electrical Radiator Thermostats in Flats – Comparison of a Conventional Calculation with a Cluster Analysis
  • Christian Bratfisch
    Modelling of the Collapse of Atmosphere in Previously Damaged Fuel Claddings to Expand the Severe Accident Analysis Code ATHLET-CD


  • Katrin Elisabeth Scharte
    Potentials of Energetic Restoration of School Buildings


  • Tobias Risken
    Modelling of the Spraying Jet Induced Atmosphere Entrainment for the Analysis of its Impact on the Gas Distribution in Containments of Nuclear Power Plants with the Code COCOSYS
  • Amir José Daou Pulido
    Economic Evaluation of an Underground Pump Storage Plant-Concept Under the Condition of Technical and Economic Uncertainties
  • Mathias Hoffmann
    Contribution to the Model Expansion of the System Code ATHLET-CD in Order to Analyse the Influence of Core Melting Transfer on Selected Accident Scenarios


  • Thimo Brähler
    Further Development of the Modelling of Hydrogen Combustion for the Lumped-Parameter-Code COCOSYS
  • Katharina Schubert
    Empirical Error Process Analysis of Wind Energy Conversion Systems in Consideration of Technical Plant Characteristics


  • Philipp Kruse
    Expansion of the Models for the Release of Fission Products in the Severe Accident Analysis Code ATHLET-CD
  • Jörg Burkhardt
    Analysis, Simulation and Modelling of the Stratification Erosion with Lumped-Parameter-Codes


  • Miriam Klöcker
    Expansion of the Lumped-Parameter-Codes COCOSYS by a Model to Simulate Impulse-Dominated Rays in Severe Accidents


  • Thorsten Hollands
    Modelling of the Nitrogen Reaction in Severe Accident Analysis Codes for a Simulation of Air Infiltration in Nuclear Power Plants



  • Maik Dapper
    Modelling of Wet Resuspension and Analysis of the Influence on the Source Term with Loss of Cooling Agents Accidents


  • Mohammed Bendiab
    Expansion of the Containment Code COCOSYS in Order to Evaluate the Source Term of Dry Resuspension After Transient Flows
  • Holger Nowack
    Behaviour of Aerosols in Containments During the Use of Recombiners and After Hydrogen Combustions


  • Tilman Drath
    Validation and Improvement of the Programme System ATHLET-CD Regarding B4C-Oxidation in Steam Atmosphere