AG Plant Simulation and Safety

PSS develops knowledge and models for the safety assessment of nuclear facilities in order
to provide impulses for the further development of safety technology.
Due to the multi-physics/multi-scale requirements of the topics in reactor safety research, PSS is strongly linked by diverse
multidisciplinary activities, both nationally and internationally.
For the simulation of relevant individual phenomena, operating states and complete accident scenarios,
special accident analysis codes/system codes and other numerical methods (e.g. CFD) are used and further developed as tools.

Beyond their main function as a simulation tool, the accident analysis codes/system codes, in combination with the know-how and know-why of the working group, form a knowledge pool of accident analysis.

In teaching, PSS offers the modules "Reactor Theory" and "Nuclear Power Plant Technology", which are specifically aimed at students in the Master's program, as well as the module "CFD in Practice" for Bachelor's students in cooperation with other chairs.

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Team Assistant
Frau Kötter
+49 (0)234/ 32-26397

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Ruhr-Universität Bochum
AG Plant Simulation and Safety
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